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Hello World.

Hello World.

Not to be cliche, but it’s been a while since I’ve written.

When I stopped blogging, it was mostly because I was focusing on the life and living in the moment and I honestly hunkered down and was being more than Mom, but a partner in life, business, and love. It felt like I had too much on my plate to do it anymore but honestly, that was kind of a cop-out. Writing has always been my outlet for every single stinking thing, and I let it go because well, let’s face it, identity struggles happen when new relationships form.

Mr. Awesome and I have been together for going on eight years, which sometimes feel like twenty, and while I adore my life, I need this space.

My blog has always been a place for more than just dating recaps and mommy venting, but it’s been a spot where I can be me. The Mama with too many ear piercings, that lets her Monkey listen to music with profanity, and watch the John Wick series and repeat, because well Keanu is life. Don’t argue. It will get you nowhere.

To get the whole world caught up, Monkey is 12 now, going on 19 and he’s a seriously smart little kiddo. He reads at an 11th-grade level, struggles with math (like his Mama) and works really hard on everything he does. Needless to say, I am proud as duck of him and the young dude he is today, and hopefully will be in the next few years. He loves Invader Zim, Eminem, all things Keanu, Deadpool, comic books and Stephen King novels. I know, I know, Mom of the Year, right?

Besides family snaps and blogs about being a good mom, what will this be? Moving forward, this will be a ton of things.

  • Venting
  • Adventures
  • Tips
  • Tricks
  • Ideas
  • Opinions
  • Verbal Diarrhea in Written Word

All I know is that I just needed to do this again, and I appreciate the guys in my life for supporting it, and the blog reboot from N8I.


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