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Make it a Mead!

Make it a Mead!

A couple of weeks ago, Future Husband and I went to Newhall Refinery for some day tripping. We love Refinery.

I love how they always have new food items and great beer selection – both on tap and bottle. Truly, their adventurous beer choices give us the opportunity to try stuff that’s from all over without having the leave the comfort of our little ‘burb.

During this particular trip, I found my passion in the form of MEAD. Mead folks. I adore. I couldn’t gush enough. And one in particular that I have fallen in love with is B. Nektar’s Kill All the Golfers.


At Refinery it looked like this…


Golden and beautiful. The taste of an Arnold Palmer in a gorgeous and perfect glass of pure fabulousness. If you’re ever in Santa Clarita, stop by Newhall Refinery and ask them for a taster…no this is not a paid ad. BAM!


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