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A Rant about the Swifter.

A Rant about the Swifter.

I’m not a celebrity and I can smell the stink of my year old Chucks from up here. Eww. But with that being said, I’m thoroughly enjoying how everyone is freaking out about Taylor Swift having an opinion about anything. She’s being called nasty names. She’s being called hilarious names. And while I’m not a celebrity, I’ve sorta been there done that and bought the less expensive version of that t-shirt.

Blogging is a funny beast. You’re either a fun Mommy Blogger with lots of cool things to share or you’re a dating blogger with lots of shittastic dating stories to share or you’re the Dude who posts naked pics of chicks on Tumblr. While I have never ventured into the world of the last one, I have definitely embarked on both the former. Writing about dating when I was 30 got me noticed in my suburban community and people sent me hate mail. I was the butt of jokes. People who knew me rolled their eyes at my stories and thought I was making shiz up. I even got hate mail. A guy I dated made me the punchline of a story he wrote about unavailable women that was published in a magazine. A female friend of mine referred to me as a ‘whore on roller skates’ because I had seven first dates in four days. And then there’s the ever popular Runaway Bride branding that cames after four less than prosperous proposals. I wrote about all of it. People don’t like being featured in the reality of their life as you see it. Opinion is never popular. No one wants to read about how someone else feels about their luke warm kissing or their lack of ability to be just plain fun.

Honestly, I wish I had a blog when I was 23 and not just some lame notebook with all my scrawled thoughts. 23-me was so much more exciting and carefree and had a new crush as soon as the sun went down. Boys were the shit. Oh boys. If blogging had been big 11 years ago, trust me Taylor would have nothing on me. Nada. Serious. But I digress.

The young Miss Swift is exactly that…young. She’s got money coming out her earballs and she’s enjoying dating around, a lot. And just like a 23-year old with little to no life experience she got butt hurt when someone made fun of that. And now the world has fabulously mean and horrible things to say about her. It was a joke. Yes she could have reacted different but what exactly are we to expect from someone who lives in the bubble of awesome that her fans and family and business associates have created for her? Indeed no one forced her to be famous. Nobody told the little pasty princess to be a good singer and write songs about her fallen love affairs with really hot guys. Not a damn person. And no one told me to write this blog about how hard it was to start over with a baby on my boob and still needing my needs met. But whatever it’s not really the same but the difference is that I took those criticisms and they fulled my desire to just keep on going and annoying my haters. No it really did. Ask the Boyfriend. Go. Ask him.

23-year old me would have looked straight in that camera and mouthed really big, “BEEN THERE DONE THAT”. But at her age, I was a little ballsier and had a lot more life under my belt.

Here’s the thing…

Women spend to much time being at women. I get where she was going with her comments. Bitches be crazy. It’s true. I know where the Swifter was coming from but honestly there were more mature and less emphatic responses to that whole non-issue.

Tina Fey and Amy Poehler made a joke. It was clever. It made sense given their theme for the awards show. I didn’t see it. I don’t care. No one should. But if the Swift wants to keep making songs about break-ups and falling in love then whateves. She made fun of hipsters and music trolls in a song and for that she’s alright-ish in my book. Who cares. Ugh.


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