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The Night Light.

The Night Light.

Tonight marks a huge milestone for the Monkey.

After months of using his lamp as a ‘nightlight’ he got out of bed and turned it off. TURNED IT OFF!!!

Back at the beginning of summer, the Boyfriend and I, simply decided that the nightlight battle was just not worth fighting. From the powers that-Amazon-be I ordered a variety of different actual nightlights. Tap ones. Ultra bright ones. Solar system ones. Nothing quelled the nervous bedtime before of my beloved Monkey Man. So as a family we simply just agreed to let it be. And be it has been. Goodnight kisses every night for months and we just let it go…he was happy and calm and good.

Tonight the Boyfriend was getting ready for a run when he came back upstairs to grab something and take trip to the pee-room when he was faced with a Monkey mid-stride. What was he doing?! Why was he out of bed?!? Was he taking a moment to extend his goodnight kisses?!?!? No he was getting out of bed to TURN OFF HIS LAMP!!!

As most parents know, these milestones are like crackling light bulbs bursting on some sort of marquee! I know I’m not the only who adores letting our kidlets do their thing in order to encourage¬†independence, and yet these moments are just the most ridic victories ever. While they are his, they are ours too. The Boyfriend and I have a fully focused plan on Monkey Independence with dash of guidance and awesomeness thrown into that little recipe for awesome and I’m thoroughly thrilled.


I’m seriously thrilled. Like giddy school girl thrilled. Kiss our Monkey’s tonight and hold them close cause every BABY STEP ¬†they take is a giant step for Mommy-kind.


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