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Dust Your Shoes Off.

Dust Your Shoes Off.

Okay here we go again, I know those of you who follow me on Facebook are hoping for a blog post about my exciting news but it will have to come later tomorrow. (insert dramatic music)

13 years ago I ran my last competitive race, a half marathon with someone I used to date and then dramatically that relationship ended and so did my passion for races.

I still ran. But, I smoked like a chimney and drank like a fish. I finished college and that behavior didn’t end with those Lion Days. Running was my escape from my roommates, significant other, work or just like in general but the fire in my belly had gone out. I would browse races and almost sign-up but then nada nada tostada. I am my worst critic. Not only can I toot my own horn to the ends of the earth but deep down under this gorgeous exterior are the voices in my head who often sound like those guys in the balcony from Sesame Street.

Then one magical day, I started running again with purpose. Years later but I had a goal. My mileage was up and I wasn’t a chimney anymore. I had it all. Health and well, a Monkey to go along with it. And then along came the Boyfriend…a runner….SCORE! Sadly though, we never ran together and eventually one thing led to another and we both lost our running Mojo. Oh lordie we got comfy and we both lost sight of those goals we individually had before we made a home together and began the bliss that is raising our Monkey.

Then last Sunday, I ran my first competitive 5K in almost 13 years. Whoa man! And to top it off I had been sick for days, and on top of that it was 48 degrees outside here in the sunny desert.

One would think that after I ran 3 measly miles and the Boyfriend ran 13 wicked miles that we’d go home toss a couple back and nap…nope, not us!! We wobbled home. Changed clothes and headed back to marathon land to meet up with the Monkey for his Final Mile Challenge! Like bosses we’ve all been training for the last eight weeks to help the Monkey achieve his ultimate goal…complete 1.2 miles in under 15 minutes. Before he got sick and consequently got me sick too, he did his best mile with a great pace.

Then last Sunday this happened….

The Boyfriend and I in our Green Bay Best and the Monkey rocking his school shirt for the event and kicking it hardcore into gear for his best time and pace ever!

The amazing thing about challenges is that they can be wicked inspiring to others around you. The Boyfriend had decided to do the Half Marathon, then the Monkey his Final Mile Challenge and then Mama threw her hat in the ring with the 5k. My family inspires me. Every single day, I am inspired to do better than I did the day before. The best part of my life today is that the challenges I face are nothing compared to where I was at six years ago, and it’s like yelling ‘what-what’ at the world!!


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