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Rising to the Challenge: Fitness Times


Several months ago, I had an interesting and shattering physical experience that I’m not yet ready to discuss on the blog, but as a result I gained a few extra pounds. The terrible part of weight gain of any proportion after 30 is that getting those metabolic juices flowing again is well tantamount to a smoker climbing Everest. The last time I was battling poundage like this was post-Monkey and back then I used to cry in fitting rooms after trying on jeans with my Mom. But today, I know what my strengths and weaknesses are when it comes to my body, and I’m a smidgen more understanding of myself.

Being 20-ish I took for granted my ability to kill those extra pounds. So, I decided after browsing my new obsession de social media jour that I would start challenging myself with mini-workouts while I trained for my first half marathon in over a decade!

Two weeks ago marked my first outdoor run in months and it was disastrous! There was weather. Stupid weather! I had become a Princess accustomed to my perch high upon the gym called the Dreadmill! Every morning that I can since then, I get up and run outside. Using a training on app on my iPhone, I run to increase my outdoor pace which sucks. Being over 30 means having to pull no punches with this over 30 body of mine.

At any rate, I’m testing out workouts that I find via Pinterest and anywhere else that I can do at home. With a budget and limited options for speciality workout locations here in the Santa Clarita Valley, I’m kicking it up a notch old school with hand weights at home and strength workouts at the gym only and avoiding the treadmill for more than warm-ups.

Check out this one…I’ve been doing it for five days now, and will continue to do it for 25 more days before I change it up with a new one.

Try it you might like it and check out the blog it comes from too, she’s got a lot of great suggestions and ideas for staying fit and healthy!


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