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I have two thumbs…and I’m Awesome.


I walk the Monkey to school every single day. It’s an amazing feeling that I get to share these few moments with him being his coach and giving him his daily pep talk. I see so many parents walking their kids to school and I feel so proud to be part of this club again. Last year when school started, I was working from home and this was something I took for granted…

Last Friday, as I was walking back from dropping Monkey off at school one of our neighbors who I hadn’t met until the first day of school stopped me and gave me the best compliment that I’ve ever gotten from a stranger in this town… “You’re an amazing, Mom.” She said a few other things about how I was an inspiration and made her miss when her kids were little and as I walked back to my little part of our complex, I felt accepted here in this suburban world. Finally. If even for a moment.

While I’m not the first single Mama to live in this complex or this ‘burb for that matter, I’ve been met with very few smiling faces and ended up not wanting to bother when it comes to trying to make friends with folks here. There are a handful of folks who really are worth the effort but it’s the first time anyone has said something that made my heart fill up with joy like that. Well someone who wasn’t related to me that is.

I’m working my way back into blogging. I’m working my way back into the working locally and being able to be a part of Monkey’s days. I’m working my way through the tale that ends with sadness for me that still hurts my heart from time to time.

Walking Monkey to school brings me tons of joy…what’s your joy?


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