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Losing 500 Days.


I don’t obsess about many things. It truly takes something unique and well, a smidgen quirky for me to obsess. I’ve never actually obsessed over a person. Still haven’t in spite of what some folks might believe. Obsession to me is what drives people to do either ridiculously awful things or completely fantastic things. Let’s all reference Fatal Attraction shall we? I mean come on, that is like the pinnacle of obsessive behavior, no?

Yep, I’ve never been that into getting someone’s attention. Never. Ever.

When I think about obsession, I think about those people who lurk in dark corners, making up stories in their minds about first dates or getting married or whatever crazy shit people like that do. Or those people who live their life like it’s a movie. Ya know, they see a movie and they are obsessed with being those characters and making it so. Those folks are obsessed with living a life that isn’t theirs because they aren’t happy with what they see in the mirror. They are like shapeshifters. Changing who they are to fit into a life that they desire, instead of creating a life for themselves that is defined by what truly makes them happy.

I’ve never done that. I’ve always known that when I was miserable it was my own doing.

As recently as today, I had a phone conversation with a friend of mine during my lunch break about a movie she had never seen until her friends brought it over post-breakup with her recent beau. 500 Days of Summer. Be damned if that movie isn’t the root of all evil when it comes to brainwashing chicks. Like serious. Women are obsessed with it. I’ve seen the movie like 25 times and usually after something fails. Like a dating situation because it makes me feel better than not every guy is lame like Tom. Tom sucks. Yes, his time with Summer was foot loose and fancy-free but in the end he’s one of those guys who wears his heart up his ass. He has no actual ability to see what’s right in front of him. And yet, the women who surround me drool over this character and his ineptness at living in reality.

For some reason, I haven’t watched the movie in about 14 months. Why? CAUSE I’M HAPPY!!! And I don’t need to live in some movie that is really about failing at relationships and not about success. Shit, Summer is the only realist in that film. She knows she could never love Tom and only proceeds with the fling cause he lies and says, he’s cool with it. HE WAS NEVER COOL WITH IT. Ugh. Serious. Am I the only one that sees this? Seriously?

If you are in a relationship with a Tom, you are doomed. No? YES! If you are his Autumn, that doesn’t mean you are better than Summer, it just means you should buy a calendar and start crossing off your days until expiration. And because Fall is kinda shorter depending on where you live then you could have less than 500 days (smirk) so make sure you sit on that bench a whole damn lot, kids.

Just like Tom I have had my heart broken by a Summer, and just like Summer I have stomped on someone’s heart without really wanting too. But, I have never looked myself in the mirror and started to think that I was a character from a film. Dressed like one, yes. Did my hair like one, sure! But, morphed myself into a persona that isn’t me to fit into some hipstereque diatribe with man who needs to wash his hair pronto, nope. I suppose in ways this is a rant. A rant at those women (and men) who set themselves up to fail at life because they choose to live it by someone else’s faux life standards.

What’s the lesson here, kids? Live for you. In the end you are the only person you have to answer to in the mirror. Oh and don’t date a Tom. Done.


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