Leave it Behind


There was a time when I couldn’t wait to start working. Earning money. Buying my own stuff. Doing my own thing. And they days like yesterday happen and I wonder as my car alarm is blaring in a neighborhood that isn’t mine, what the hell I was thinking. Serious. WHAT WAS THE DAMN HURRY?!?!?

As soon as I was fifteen years old, and living just around the corner from the Tragic Mountain, I grabbed up a work permit and started clocking in. Little did I know that the vendor spot I took at the “Make Your Own Video Booth” was also managed by a drunken douche rag who napped more than he worked and brought Vodka to work in a Thermos. Okay, now that was skillful looking back but as a young impressionable die hard, I thought he was the biggest loser on the Mountain. After quitting and regrouping, I found a job working at the Jeans & Khaki Pants Store for Kids in the local mall and I was in love. Retail was totes my bag. I have just enough snake oil sales chick in me to get the job done. BAM!

Oh working, working you evil mistress. Without work, I would be poor and living in a box in my parents backyard. No not really, but the imagery is horrifying isn’t it? Yesterday, I had one of those days that makes one daydream about the simpler days of ringing up loose fit jeans for some handsome surfer dude hoping to catch a glimpse of Halle Berry (yes she used to shop at my store in college). Let me take you back to the early morning hours of yesterday….

As a ran the end of my second mile, I noticed that there was something rubbing against my arm. Discomfort. Itchy. Tag. My shirt was inside. I had been running all around my ‘hood with my shirt noticeably with it’s inside hanging out. Wow. Just wow. Oh it gets better, after getting Monkey off to school and grabbing my morning java fix from the Mermaids Castle of Caffeine, I merrily drove to my first marketing location. My current job requires that I photograph properties for marketing tours and flyers and the such. So, I got to said location, did my thang and well that’s when the alarm on my car decided to have a canipshit on the street of the house where I was finishing up my thang. Once I figured out that jumping in my car after the blaring begins and starting Betty up quick gets the annoyingly loud horn to STFU. Winning. Or not so much, as I take a giant bite of my feta cheese awesome wrap only to find that it was full of BELL PEPPERS!! Seriously, I can’t make this nonsense up! I HATE BELL PEPPERS! THEY TASTE LIKE GRASS!! Ugh. So bad. And then, it rained….while I was shooting. Yes, taking pictures of backyards in the rain. Shoot me. Seriously.

As the day continued, it just felt like the entire world had stopped to watch me spill crap on my dress. Misplace my sweater. And trip over my own two feet walking to the bathroom. Serious. Horrible day. HORRIBLE. Do you hear me?!?!?! Read, whatever.

Here’s the beautiful thing about my job, I work with amazing women who let me be a crashing mess every now and then without judging me. And at the end of the day, I get to go home and snuggle with the Monkey and share a life with the Boyfriend. Even though one day was full of craptasticness, I get to start over and have a whole new day full of whatever the heck the world throws at me. Shitty days and all, there is a corner that has been turned with this new job and my budding business and my continued rock solid familia. Leave it behind…and keep moving forward…and yes, I just quoted a Disney movie. Suck it.


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