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And he just keeps coming back…

And he just keeps coming back…

Once upon a time I was a single Mama without a care in the world, happily dating my way through suburbia and learning that most of the men in my neighborhood were sorry excuses for men with balls the size of grapes.

Then I met the Boyfriend. An evil plan hatched on both sides to meet someone to alleviate the stress of dating half-people. Ya know those folks who think they have their shit together but lack the ability to truly be a part of a relationship in any way shape or form. Sitting next to each other at a local pub, a year ago today, we discovered that the person in the room we expected to show up was a falsehood. All pre-conceived notions flew out the window and an amazing relationship built on honest, admiration and a little blood and sweat, was built by two people who had found someone to appreciate their quirks and shortcomings for what they were.

I found love in a man who loves me for who I am and takes care of me when I need to be taken care of even when I don’t want to be. We do that for each other. And that’s what I’ve never had before, someone who does for me whether it’s buying me Ruffles on a Sunday night or gifting me with Sour Patch Kids instead of Roses on Mother’s Day, the Boyfriend knows me and respects me….and I couldn’t be more proud of us.

Happy Anniversary to The Boyfriend.


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