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Raising Monkey: The Bio Roadblocks


There is something blissfully wonderful about going to a Parent-Teacher Conference and having the person who donated sperm to Project Monkey ignores every single question from my mouth.

That’s right folks we had our conference with the Monkey’s kinder teacher and while there he only responded to the teacher and not to me. Not once. I asked questions. Nada. The teacher asked him questions. Answered in full gosh darn sentences. This of course is weird because he usually is fond of grunting and mumbling responses to educators.

Here’s the thing…

My whole educator brain is confused by how he can be so remiss about our son’s education. Everything to him is just a matter of Monkey doing what he needs to do and working at his own pace. The thing is if I remember correctly from my youth every child’s pace usually involves some sort of parent encouragement, right? I can’t just expect that my child is going to figure it all out on his own. I was raised by a teacher, who was raised by a teacher…get it?

Monkey is not doing poorly, but he could use some assistance with a few things. I’m not worried about that. Kids learns at their own pace. I’m okay with that. But, his behavior puts him in space where he’s often missing out on things. He is social. Too social for school and he doesn’t get that reinforcement from his Bio. Bio thinks his interrupting is funny and cute. He thinks that Monkey spouting off is adorable. Ugh. It’s not when it’s causing disruptions in class the two days after he’s back from his two nights with the Bio.

I’m infuriated with the problems that keep coming up with discipline and how every weekend the Monkey spends with the Bio ends with a one to two day rebound back to our routine. The Boyfriend and I have worked it out so that it doesn’t take all week cause trust me at the beginning of the school year it took nearly that long. My parents are amazing with their support and engagement in the Monkey’s education but dealing with the Bio is becoming more than an obnoxious annoyance. It’s becoming one of those things. Ya know like brushing your teeth. You have to do it for a good reason but it’s something that is totally meh. Monkey is my good reason. The only reason. Heck with the Boyfriend, my Dad and my Sissy’s Hubby we really don’t need the Bio around. *sigh* Yes I just went there. It’s gotten like that now.

I never thought I would have gone there. But I did. It sorta used to make me sad to think that but given the circumstances of late, I don’t feel anything. Nothing. Zip. Nada.

Looks like I will be working out funds for some kind of tutoring to get the kiddo on track and make sure he’s ready for 1st grade. But I knew this six years ago. I honestly did.


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