Online Dating 911!


Online dating. Just the thought of going back there makes my skin crawl. It’s gross. It’s awful. It’s like flying Southwest. Sometimes you just have to do it to get where you want to be. I am so glad that I never have to do it again. And I mean on-line date or fly Southwest. Never. But, I have friends who are embarking on the rocky trip back to Quick Matching their way to 100 first dates.

Just this evening I have written one on-line dating profile and edited three profiles. It’s apparently something I’m good at. I write a good profile. It’s something I take very seriously the whole profile thing. Well except the last time I did one cause I didn’t even break out the good pictures. I think I was being a little defiant. Either way I snagged the Boyfriend and we’re going on a whole year in just two months! I digress.

Talking to some folks tonight I realized that the reason people have such little success, including myself back in the day, is because they are looking for a quick fix. Everyone I talk to is looking for that one perfect person and they expect that the skies will part and the heavens will shine on their new potential mate and that’s how they will know. But come on people, we all judge. When the Boyfriend first saw my profile back in the day he was put-off by my having a Monkey. But looks can be deceiving. And I honestly thought that if anything came of our first date that it would be a little bit of local action to keep me held over until the next thing came along. Wrong. We were both wrong! I adore him and he’s not as big a douche as everyone made me believe and well I’m not the terribly broken single Mom looking to be saved. We rock.

I wanna help people realize their on-line dating doldrums are not just because they aren’t finding the right people but that they aren’t looking for the right person. Themselves. You gotta know who you are first before you can know who you wanna share counter space with in the bathroom.

Seriously, if you’re on-line dating I can help!! Shoot me an email…I will help re-write profiles and get pictures fixed and everything. Love to help. [email protected]


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