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Raising Mama: The Monkey & the Boyfriend.


Seeing as how I just had my Freedom Day yesterday, it would seem that I need to start blogging more. I need to get back to where I was before I met the Boyfriend. Sharing. Sharing my life and how I rebounded from that awkward day six years ago.

See things are still in a state of flux. Flux it will always be, but with the addition of the Boyfriend to our family mix things are definitely shaping up to be something unusually awesome.

Someone asked me today, how I did it? And by “it” they meant the whole introducing the Monkey to the Boyfriend. And when did it feel right…

I’ve said it before it wasn’t one of those things I put tons of thought into. It just literally happened when it was right. Maybe not 110% right but when they met the Boyfriend was painting a giant Green Bay “G” on the wall of the Monkey’s room in his unders. I had spent most of the morning watching the Boyfriend begin the project and I was enamored and excited.  Both my men under one roof and fireworks. Well, since it was the 4th of July.

The Boyfriend and I had gone on our first date on May 22nd but known about each other for the better part of two-ish years. So, by that estimation this was maybe soon for most. And yet this was only the second person I dated that Monkey had met. So there was that and my heart felt completely in it to win it.

Needless to say, the first meeting wasn’t perfect. The Boyfriend and the Monkey spent most of the evening sizing each other up. Testing the waters and well having good moments and awkward moments and some not so awesome moments. The next few months were full of the same. I started to doubt my choice on days when they would butt heads and I felt like I was losing my footing. It was not easy at first. Then one day we found common ground. Football. Yes, kids my boys bonded over our deep obsessive love for the Green Bay Packers.

The Boyfriend jumped feet first into helping me design a new reward system for the Monkey when he started Kinder and began having issues. He encouraged me to explore the side effects of his allergy meds. He stood by me when I refused to believe that switching classrooms would alleviate the behavior issues. Together we built a household even though we didn’t live together. The Boyfriend was a staple at dinner time on the weekdays and he joined us for our weekend adventures. We were beginning to look like a family, and we were experiencing all the growing pains that a family goes through.

Starting a new relationship with someone while you have a child is tough. Adding that person to the equation is even more difficult. It reminds me of my trip to the Grand Canyon one November pre-Monkey, when it was raining and my smoking habit was at two packs a day. Let’s just say that my breathing was heavy and my will was tested to it’s limits. But, I came out on the other side no worse for wear and with a bunch of new appreciation for all those who had come before me.

Today we share a home. A tiny ass home but it’s ours and today I am more in love with my life than I have ever been. Follow your gut, listen to your heart and never let anyone tell you that you can’t do something because if it’s meant to be it will happen. But, seriously don’t forget to fight for yourself and what you deserve.


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