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Let Freedom Ring.


It has been six years officially since I became a single Mom. Six years to the day since the Bio came home and told me that he was in love with someone else. It has been six years since I drove myself to the hospital with a panic attack and bleeding. Six years since I sat in the Emergency Room hiding from my family how distraught I was and lying to them about how bad my pregnancy would get. It has been six years since I cried to an nurse in the ER about how shitty everything was and how I wished I had never gotten pregnant. Six years ago today I was told my pregnancy would most likely end in miscarriage and that bed rest and time would tell. It has been six years since I fell asleep on the floor of the bathroom of my old house crying and not knowing where the Bio was or what I would do the next day.

Six years ago today my life started over and I was given a second chance. On March 13th, 2006 time stopped…four months later my Monkey would be born premature by almost 8.5 weeks. Today was the beginning of the end of a person I don’t even know anymore.

Six years ago today was the start of this Mama getting her shit together and reclaiming her life. So, today I raise a fucking glass to me and the to the Monkey for not giving up on me, even though I almost gave up on him.

Happy Freedom Day to me…and everyone else who has braved worse circumstance than me to make this shit happen. And thank you to those who inspired me to do better than settle.


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