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Rosie, Riley and Rippy.


Even though several weeks ago marked the final move in of the Boyfriend and his stuff, it wasn’t until today that a doctor’s appointment forced me to stay in bed with nothing to do.

It’s final. It’s done. With the first official month under our belts and I now have a Rosie, a Rippy and a Riley taking up residence in La Casa de Monkey.

The Boyfriend may have come with minimal (fresh) baggage but damn it if he didn’t fill the garage with a shit ton of stuff! As the merging of two houses comes together in the next couple of months, he is helping me conquer what I have come to call my ‘Sleeping with the Enemy’ complex by encouraging me to let go of the past and I am helping him realize that concert t-shirts hold no value, with the exception of those who buy them and end up wearing them in Mom’s basement while they play 1st Person shooter games. That is unless it’s a really wicked band like ya know like Pearl Jam (insert ass kissing air guitar here). As our family expands and we welcome members of the Boyfriend’s clan into ours there are a few members who will directly be taking up residence in La Casa de Monkey. Who you ask? A cousin? A sibling? No nothing like that. Thanks be to Jeebus!

Oh no the first on the list of new comers to the casa is Rosie. Who doth this Rosie be? Well she’s keeping things tidy downstairs except for the kitchen which she refuses to enter without causing a ruckus. Seriously the one room I could use extra help in and she can’t be bothered to make it in there without issue.

And then we have Rippy, oh he looks cute enough with his giant eyes and his sweet little goofy grin. The Boyfriend finds him to be handy and they spend most of the evenings we have downtime sharing beers and watching TV. Rippy even keeps the Boyfriend company while he’s working on occasion and the Monkey has even befriended Rippy and makes sure that he’s well fed and taken care of when he’s home.

Then there is Riley. Oh Riley, with all his cuteness. If he’s not in bed by 8pm he’s kind of a pill and then there’s his buddies who are messy eaters! Riley has the sweetest smile and has a way of making me all weak in the heartstrings. And his girlfriend is pretty darn cute too.

Since the Boyfriend moved there are several new things going in on Casa de Monkey and with the most part it’s pretty fricking awesome. We’re learning how to not just share space but how to be a family, and honestly it’s the most wicked amazing thing in the world. There is nothing perfect about it. But, seriously there is nothing better than being free to be myself and have someone appreciate it for all it’s worth. And of course vice versa.

So, I’ve got a Roomba vacuum named Rosie, a koozie name Rippy and a parrotlet name Riley along with his girlfriend Penny taking up residence in our home. It’s a tiny space with a lot of love. Even though I can’t park in my garage and I can’t make it through the house without seeing the change and wondering how it happened, I’m adoring waking up every morning knowing he’s there with me. Realizing that it’s our home and not just my home and being okay with that is amazeballs. True facts.

If you’re friends with us on Facebook you have seen the adventure from the beginning and it will continue…


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