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Life events are something I write about on here. Even when they seem minute. Little tiny things make me happy and well I love to share them with my blog buddies. Especially when it means big things are happening.

Today I looked back at the old blog and realized that there were so many things that I was afraid of when I first started the blogging adventure. I was terrified of everything that I am feeling right now.

This weekend the Boyfriend started moving into my house. MOVING INTO MY HOUSE. MY SPACE.

*deep breath*

We’ve been talking about this since my birthday. Since October. Tossing around the thought for the last few months and finally last month it just started to make sense. To fit and fall into place.

*deep breath*

The hardest part was the timing for the Monkey. Was it right? Were we both ready? So, in Mama fashion, we had a conversation…several actually…and the Monkey gave it the thumbs up. So, I gave it the thumbs up. Two years ago on December 23rd, the Monkey and I made this little townhouse our home and now we’re adding a member to our family sorta semi-officially.

When I started the thought process was way back when the Boyfriend and I first started dating. No, not that I was all like “I can’t wait to move in with him!”, but I started thinking “oh crap this is not like the other one’s”.  Pretty much from the get go I had an inkling that this guy was going to be a game-changer. Which of course is completely different from my pre-first date thoughts…maybe we’ll just bang and then hang out when it’s convenient or we get bored or whatever. Sadly, 12-hours later and I was on the road to La-La Land. And now I have boxes of more kitchen stuff than I know what to do with in my living room and Apple crap everywhere…and, seriously I couldn’t be happier.

We’ve been sorta sharing space for the last few months and it’s gone pretty darn well. Better than the last three thousand times I’ve tried to co-exist with a man-child in a singular space. Because I seriously want to. This is not one of those quick fix moments of desperation where if we’re closer together in physical space then we’ll be able to make it. ‘Cause lord knows I’ve done that a time or two with the deepest regrets even as the first boxes crossed the threshold. But there is something freaking awesome about getting a text that says, “what’s our zip code?”…I’ve never not cringed at the word ‘our’ before when it came to giving up my freedom like this. BAM!

While I hate to gloat, okay no I really don’t, but shit my life rocks. This has been years in the making. I’ve surrounded myself with people who always have stood by me no matter what loser I chose to date or how many bad choices I added to the pin board of life. And now I’ve got one more to add to the short list.

Big things are coming. BIG I TELL YA!!!


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