Mr. What’s His Name


If you have followed my blog for even the slightest bit you are aware that I give my friends and suitors nicknames that appear on the blog in place of their real details. It started out as a joke between me and Mr. C because he didn’t want to get attached to anyone. So instead of names I would pick a quirk, habit or oddity about the man-child and apply it in all aspects of reference and it became handy for the blog.

Most of my hardcore readers are friends and people who know me and have met me via Twitter or other social media endeavors and they seem to have a handle on the fact that being The LiL’Devil Mama is more than just a persona, it’s who I am. I’m a little bit off when it comes to certain things and well in spite of the Boyfriends protests on our first date I am friggin’ quirky. After dating several ding-dongs and coming up with countless nicknames for the people in my life there is something amiss…

I haven’t given the Boyfriend a nickname. Whoa. What????

Here’s the thing. If you notice the people in my life who I love with more than just my loins get really generic nicknames on the blog. Mr. C is nothing special. Neither is my other BFF being just The Rachel. Pretty lame if you ask me. But there just seems to be nothing in nicknameville. Nomad got a nickname and now that he knows this he’s sorta steamed that only my loins had feelings for him even after thirteen years of friendship. Oops.

In the last seven months I have tried. I have scoured my brain for nicknames. Even before I blogged I used to give nicknames to every guy I dated and vice versa but I can’t even come up with one of those! Is there something wrong with me? Or is it just that in spite of the fact that the Boyfriend has several quirks that irk, I am seriously so in L-word with him that I overlook every single one and they don’t seem to merit mocking?

Mr. C’s Mamasan, recently gave me flack over the whole thing. She misses my blogging about dating and the funny stories. And honestly, I do sometimes but I have traded those lame dating adventures for something way better. Morning sexy times that doesn’t end with the immediate ushering of the gent out of my house quickly, so I can shower and go back to bed. Cuddling in bed while watching Always Sunny on several nights just because we can. Feeling like I finally have a partner in crime that gets me and doesn’t frown on my life experiences like many men have in the past.

The Boyfriend is just that and I won’t be thinking up any nickname for him. I don’t want to. In fact, in real life he’s got just a handful of regular pet names that most people call their significant other. Mostly I think it’s cause we just have something that doesn’t require stupid nicknames that really serve to mock parts of who we are or quirks that we have or ridiculous behavior that gets us in trouble. Every aspect of who we are as individuals makes us a strong and ridiculously amazeballs couple.

Be jealous. *smirk*


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