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The Village Groweth


Had someone told me at this time last year that I would be spending Christmas with the most amazing boys in the world I would have probably snarkily giggled in disagreement. Coming off a disappointing Thanksgiving Lie Fest with Mr. S and feeling well a little like the world was just always going to be handing me damn lemons, I could have given a rats ass. The last seven months have been some of the most memorable and the most challenging and I wouldn’t trade them for anything.

Raising a Monkey solo is tough work even when you have a Village. After a certain amount of time and a certain amount of disappointment one just begins to back-burner the idea of having anyone around long enough to let them use the shower. I’m sorry I still chuckle about the guy who never knew I had a bathroom in bedroom. True Facts. I digress. But when you meet someone who puts all your perspective on falling in love and what makes love work into real actual tangible perspective that you can touch and feel and truly enjoy, the world seems like it’s just a little less Damned to Hell. Meeting the Boyfriend seven months ago was sort of one of those things. Like, that shit just doesn’t happen to me kind of thing. In my head, it was going to end in a fling. Something passionate and maybe a good story but we’d part ultimately because he was the narcissistic asshole that a few chicken-heads had told me he was. Sadly, he was not. Why, sadly? Well it ruined my plan for a quick affair with hot steamy times and threw something else at me. I had to deal with my fear of ‘adding someone to the mix’. Yes, I said fear. Straight up, piss my pants fear.

Fear isn’t always a bad thing. Overcoming those fears is key to living a life without regret. But, this fear didn’t just involve me…it involved the most important person in my life, the Monkey. When things started to take shape it was clear to me what we needed to do and where this ways going. This was serious shit. True Facts.

Christmas Eve we spent playing and watching football with the Monkey. It was like a mirage in the desert of awesomeness. Monkey and me and the Boyfriend jaunted over to my folks for an amazing dinner and afterward prep for Santa. This our third Christmas in this house and this year we started talking turkey. Talking about traditions. Talking about creating a shared space. Talking about life changing. Christmas Day is always a bummer occasion, since the Monkey goes with his Dad and this year I truly wanted to the Monkey to come with me and the Boyfriend down to his hometown to spend time with his family. But alas, we had to go sans Monkey. Meeting the family is usually a occasion for nerves and over-thinking. But considering the bonding that has already occurred with the Boyfriend’s little Bro and that I’ve been Facebook friends with his Mom and sisters for a couple month’s now, this was nothing like the traditional Meeting of the Family. Truly it was the most awesome Meeting of the Family ever. Never have I ever felt like I didn’t have something to prove right off the bat. No pretense. No fake laughing. No weird only telling them what I thought they needed to hear. Mama was just Mama.

Christmas for me has always been about my family, and this year my family is expanding. Expanding and growing and becoming something with potential for mad awesomeness.

Ridiculously fantastic things are happening right now. I’m totes thrilled with my life right now. The Monkey is happy. The Mama is happy. The Boyfriend is happy.

Happy is good my friends. Very good.


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