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Tomorrow is…


Forgive me for my last post and thanks to Jobo for her comment. The morning I wrote that post, I was reeling with emotions and most of them having to do with the Bio and his recent head-up-butt behavior. Truthfully, it had nothing to do with my birthday.

I was overwhelmed and wearing it out loud.

This morning I am inspired. Today as I got ready for work, and thanks to my new commute it’s early bird junk, I stopped to look at the Boyfriend still asleep in bed and my heart jumped up in my throat. The Boyfriend has been amazeballs with everything. With more effort and investment than the Bio, he has helped me work through possible solutions and causes for the Monkey’s recent school trouble and supported me like a back bone through all the Bio phone calls and conversations with the kiddo. He has taken a vested interest in being a part of our lives and he is always around when we need him to be. He knows just when to push my buttons to get me to snap out of my ridiculous over-thinking moments. He knows what quality programming looks like (most of the time) and shares. Sharing is caring people.

See, I guess I was letting things that I have no control over get the best of me. There is nothing I can do about the Bio being who he is and how he always monkey wrenches things in general. It is what it is.

Tomorrow is my birthday. Tomorrow is going to be full of awesome because I get to share it with the Boyfriend.

Today I was inspired by my Monkey hopping down the stairs thrilled with himself that he slept yet again through the night post-meds removal. Overwhelmed by his accomplishment his first thought was to share it with the Boyfriend. Since that first time of meeting on the Fourth of July we have become a trio of wicked cool proportions. And the Monkey has taken to the Boyfriend like white on rice. And this makes me the proudest Mama ever. Not only did I take a chance on me and the Monkey being able to hold our own out in the big scary world, but I took a chance on meeting the Boyfriend at all and from the beginning I knew there was something amazeballs about him.

Tomorrow is not just my birthday, as I count the days on the calendar the Boyfriend and I had our first meeting five months ago. And today on the eve of my 33rd birthday, I am celebrating not just having another wicked good year under my belt but the most amazing people in my life and I am thankful I have learned to take chances and let it ride.


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