Mama’s Little Sherpa


As I sit here with my uterus on fire, I can’t help but think about my upcoming trip to BlogHer 2011. That’s right a shit ton of bloggers in one place is what I think of when my uterus is tearing itself to pieces. BAM!!

No but seriously, the reason I am sitting here thinking  about BlogHer is mostly cause it will be my first solo trip to Whale’s Vagina since Mr. SD and I broke up for the last time four years ago. Which was like the fifth time in our ten year knowing of each other. It’s not because I am thinking of San Diego and missing the past but today it is not the same. My most recent memories are with the Monkey, and honestly going solo is sorta eating a little piece of me that isn’t looking forward to the trip. Yes, BlogHer will totes be awesome. I am most certainly excited about the event and meeting some great bloggity friend IRL but there is something about not having my little man there with me that kinda sucks.

I adore being a Mama. I adore being able to show the Monkey everything that I love about the places I have almost lived and where I used to stomp my punker-hippie boots. And this is who I am today. I couldn’t imagine what my life would be like today without the Monkey. He has been like this amazing little Sherpa as we climb this wicked mountain together, guiding me to see things I never knew where there in places I used to go simply to find a good Pub Crawl.


There are so many good things happening right now. I’m giddy to be in SD with some really fucking awesome ladies…but I’m gonna miss my little Sherpa Monkey.


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