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This morning I woke up sandwiched between two boys. Hot. Right? Right? Okay not really what it sounds like, and a far cry from my adventures as a young little lassie but still ridiculously fantastic.

Yesterday, my family and friends came together in my tiny little townhouse to celebrate the Monkey turning five years old this year. Five years has been a long and exhausting road for both of us and this celebration was the culmination of how far our little team has come. Seriously, if someone would have told me five years ago I would have my whole family, great friends and an amazing Guy in my life today, I probably would have laughed my head off. No shit. It all would have seemed like an impossibility given the state of the Monkey’s health, my own emotional and physical health and the fact that we had nothing to our names. Nothing except our family and the few friends who remained. Everything we needed at that time to heal.

This morning I woke up with my Guy next to me and the Monkey standing on my bed chanting that the sunshine was up. Insert every word possible to describe a feeling of total joy. See not as sexy as it could have been but amazing all in it’s own right. Yesterday, as I watched everyone chatting, eating and enjoying just spending time together I remembered all those times when I was a kid and we got together on Sundays for Poker games and storytelling and of course music. I love listening to the stories and memories and the laughter. Seeing the smiles on everyone’s faces. Feeling the newness of this comeback setting in and knowing that the people in my life are here not for themselves but for all of us, I am so proud of how hard we fought for these moments.

Moments in time where we can just enjoy the little things…like swimming in the local pool with our friends, eating pizza while listening to the Monkey play upstairs with his new friends, listening to my Uncle and his boys talk about life today and remembering when they were little, listening to my Guy chatter about football with Susan’s husband, hugging a new friend who made the journey hear after a long weekend and seeing my Dad and his brother smiling and catching up on old times and new times. Brilliant. Just fracking brilliant people! This is what I was made to do. I was made for the happy.


At this moment, as I think about yesterday and the days leading up to it, I know that I deserve all this and more….and more will come.



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