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I feel good.


Yesterday was day one of three days at the Magic Kingdom for the Monkey’s birthday celebration week! It has been a great 24 hours minus the fighting with Mr. C throwing off our planning for today. But this post is about yesterday. Yesterday I ran into Mr. Magic Kingdom and his little princess. For those of you who don’t know, we dated last summer for a couple months until his Baby Mama Drama impacted his days and we withdrew from dating. As we stood in line for Jelly Fish Jumpers his Princess yanked on my bag and there they were.

The kids squealed and the grown ups laughed. It was good to see him. It was good to know he and the Princess were doing okay. She hasn’t seen her Mom since last July and they aren’t sure where she is at this point. That made me sad. Hearing the Princess talk about her Mom in past tense was so weird. But she’s almost ten now and seems like she’s twenty. MK and I talked about work and family and then he asked the inevitable question. Are you dating anyone? My heart skipped a beat when I answered and he smiled. He hugged me and said, I’m glad you’re happy kiddo. 

I am happy. Ridiculously happy. Like over the moon happy. Like can’t believe I was able to find someone who I could just share things with and talk to about everything.

It seems odd because when MK and I met last year things were such a giant clusterfuck of time and people. This summer I am involved in my life in a way that makes me feel happy and proud for all the hard work I have put into it. MK asked me to have drinks. And just didn’t want to bother with it. He texted me early this morning to say it was good to see each other and he was happy for me.

This feels good. Did I say good enough? Hurm.


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