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There is something extremely refreshing about meeting someone and not wanting to bash their head in with your shoe. I’m serious. When dating happens with a man-child from the on-line dating world optimism kicks in and then if it doesn’t work out, no biggie. But, if you plan to meet someone who you sorta know via channels of the social media universe but don’t know in real life-real life there is a hint of doom in the potential meeting. Persona’s on Twitter and Facebook can be manifested to suit whatever image each individual wants to put forth. And some are better than others…

After a Saturday night out with the Rachel and her mister at the Magic Castle and pretending that a day of drinking all day with the Cowboy during the DTLA Soapbox Derby and then more party-party that evening hadn’t worn me the fuck out I trotted out for beers with someone I should have met a long time ago. That’s right folks three nights of being out and about and not sitting at home nursing cheap wine from Trader Joe’s. My comeback from last year has been epic and I’m not looking back. Behind us are the days of renting movies from the box and hiding underneath lame excuses of why I don’t deserve something awesome. Honestly, I dipped my toe in the giant puddle that is self blame for long enough and to be honest I didn’t even think I still blamed myself for the whole mega-shit storm that was/is/will always be me and Mr. S. Score one for Cowboy Therapy.

Saturday, I spent some time being honest with myself in only a way I have been with the Cowboy. Spilling my guts is not something I do off the bat with people I don’t trust or care to trust for that matter. And well, it is very few people who bring that out in me as we learned here. I’m honest. I’m a bit bold. I’m quirky (yes, I AM QUIRKY!!) I’m a huge fan of not frightening the person sitting next to me when I start divulging the hot details of who I am. The nitty gritty is well, it’s fucking gritty people. There are very few people I trust with my details beyond who I am superficially. You know the likes and dislikes most commonly known as the basics. When I do jump that direction with meeting a person going full into the who, what, when, where and why it is a rarity. Normally, I don’t do family talk or past relationship crap or even talk about my past indiscretions. Unless of course it’s the Rachel but that’s a love story of immense proportions.

Sunday I spent almost a whole half a day talking to a person (it was actually night to the next morning), and I liked it. For those of you born after the invention of the text message, it really ruined phone chatter as this was how my age group of people got to know each other way back in the day. If you didn’t care then you didn’t bother spending the time to sit down and talk to someone, either on the phone or in person, this was the method available. But it is never often that anyone spends nearly twelve hours talking with someone and really running the gamut of topics and not feeling the need to censor the person I truly am.

Here’s the thing, first dates are not characteristically good. Right? Usually, they are full of nerves and awkwardness and weird conversational silences. Neither of my dates this past weekend were bad. In fact, I had a great time on both. However if I was held at gunpoint and asked to choose I would have to pick…oh, stop no one would hold me at gunpoint and ask me to choose between two guys. Or would they? Argh, dating just keeps getting tougher and tougher to manage if they start putting firing squads to us poor chicks. Clearly, I’m just going with my gut on this one and since Friday night’s dude has yet to call me on and it’s no longer Sunday when he said he would call then well yeah. Not that I’m choosing just based on default or anything lame like that but I think every happens for a reason.

But in case you were wondering, Mr. C has voted for the one who held my attention the longest, sat in a car with me and talked and talked and didn’t bore the shit out of me. And mostly, cause he’s tired of me dating mediocre dudes who can’t keep up a conversation. So, yeah it’s fairly obvious. And if it’s not then you should then please re-read the post and take better notes.


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