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First Date #25,215


On-line dating is a horrible vile evil machine of wickedness. So when you meet someone who is genuinely nice with manners and knows how to carry on a conversation through two margaritas it’s shocking. Let’s get down to brass tacks. I had a date on Friday and it went really well. Truth.

Here’s the thing. I’ve had some really awful on-line dating experiences. I’ve met men who have fibbed about their height, their weight, their interest in activities, their age, their religion, pretty much every thing you name. The hardest part about meeting anyone is not knowing how they will deal with you on a personal level. Questions linger around the noggin making it difficult to put faith in someone even enough to meet.

While I spent most of Friday thinking about canceling and not even meeting this guy, I’m glad that I did. My faith in real people is slightly renewed. I’m not going to jump on the let’s date this guy only bandwagon but I feel good about the possibility that this guy will call and even if he doesn’t there have got to be more guys out there who know how to treat a lady on a first date. Oh wait, what am I saying? Well, even though this Mama is looking for a man who can rock her world in all ways imaginable I adore when a man can treat a woman with respect during first encounters. First dates are such a strange beast. Some times the green lights flash and you just want to pass go and collect your $200. Other first dates find you looking for the nearest exit and praying that some natural disaster will save you from the unfortunate disaster. Those of course are the worst. They leave you feeling deflated and sad and like the world might just being battling against you.

I don’t think that every good first date is defined by just one outcome. Personally, I’ve had first dates that have lasted for days and some that have lasted only a matter of an hour. Depending on the person on the other side of the table and how you feel is what should define the outcome. While I do my best to live without regret I often make leaps that often make me feel like I was thinking with my hormones and not my realistic self. But I think that’s what has been so great about my current journey. I allow myself to make those mistakes without killing myself over them later. Sort of like my most recent foray into dating. I felt good about certain parts of the potential but knew I was letting the deal breakers slide. Why? Well, we had a wicked first date and I was certain that it had the potential to carry-on with the same awesomeness. Unfortunately it did not. Ooops. So, today I see that first date for what it was…a great first date and hopefully there will be a second. But, I won’t be holding my breath.

*sigh* This weekend has been fantastic on so many levels…and there’s much more to come.


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