Raise Your Glass.


Officially, I am the fastest unemployed woman on the planet. Wait or maybe prostitutes and hookers but I guess that’s indie contractor work too so maybe not. At any rate, I am again without a paycheck of normal proportions. Can I just get a dude-what-the-fuck?

The start-up is in limbo. Financially it is on pause. If it sees the light of day I will be shocked at this point. The foundation is laid. The processes are in place and my biz cards had just been printed. I was stoked.

At some point, I should collapse on the floor and cry or something but I can’t. There are so many amazing things happening right now that I can’t help but be feel slightly optimistic. Right now I should run out and get that underdog tattoo that seems to be most appropriate. However, I prefer the black sheep label I’ve garnered since I started rebelling at the turn of eighteen years old. Meh enough about that. I will bounce back from this one. I will once again beat the pavement that is the interwebs and find something wicked. For now I’ve got a few freelance gigs thanks to Mr. Pants Guy and some social media stuff I can run for bit.

So if y’all hear of anything…hit a Mama up. For now I will be listening a lot of Pink


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