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Challenge Me.


When I commit to something I’m dedicated without a shadow of a doubt. Last year I committed to Happy Hour weekly with the Rachel. Mostly cause I needed some girl time and mostly cause the Rachel was stuck in a relationship that was crowding her awesomeness. Over Sangria and Happy Hour snacks we bonded and found a friendship that will no doubt last long into my old years. Around that same time I found out my ovary issues were in full swing yet again, and I drowned my sorrows on those Happy Hour Wednesdays and in the process gained a more weight than I had gained since I was preggers. When all was said and done it was about 17lbs all together. At first it was only 8lbs and then well sometime in November I lost my mind when Mr. S left me yet again and that 8lbs became 17lbs of grossness. I will admit that I was in denial. I was lost in my pity party of wine and food and sadness. And I didn’t really care.

When I got the official green light to work out full force again in September-ish I busted into full gear and had nearly lost the eight and then when shit hit the fan, I played it loose and chubby. No one around me would have admitted that I looked like I had gained weight except for my Mom. Jeebus bless her for always being honest with me. Sometime after Christmas the haze of the break-up lifted and I looked in the mirror and absolutely hated what I saw.

As a single Mom, working out is a challenge. I have the Monkey 24-7 and I find the concept of the gym repulsive in that my two experiences ended in me smoking after being talked to by some random loser. Now that I don’t smoke I have no escape plan. Dang. I digress. My parents have a treadmill. I live in an ideal location for outdoor running. I now own a stationary bike thanks to my sister. I have a best friend who is a personal trainer. I have no more excuses for keeping the weight on my ass.

To date I have lost twelve of the weight gain I wish had never happened. I have committed to losing the weight and I won’t settle for anything less than awesomeness from myself. And while I haven’t necessarily gotten back into all my pants from before, but Mama is working on healthy not stick skinny. Although I do wish this ass would take a vacation somewhere else but I digress. I choose to live healthy and eat what I want within reason and I still enjoy Happy Hour when I can get out of the house. Shit I’m a beer girl to the ends of the earth and I have been known to finish a bottle of wine or two on my own…okay with the Rachel, but still Mama can hold her drink and eat her share. In fact, I’m drinking wine and enjoying a wicked good slice or twenty of cheese.

I guess the moral of the story is that if you commit to something stick to it and you will get results. I don’t care what it is. I committed four years ago to being a good co-parent. I committed 5 years ago to being a single Mom. I committed to getting over my own shit from my past. If I can do this kind of crap then anyone can. It’s basic but it’s the most challenging part of life out there. It doesn’t matter what you think needs to change, be the one to make the change and do it for you. No one else matters in this life except yourself and how honest you are with yourself every single day.

Challenge yourself to do something and own it today.


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