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No News is Good News?


I’ve been on the Dating Sucks Train lately, and I’ve had good reason for my deep disdain for the whole process. If I had to go back and remind you of all the precious winners who have come in and out of my life and amount of time I have spent wondering what-the-frack is wrong with the men of the world then I may pass out. In fact, I even gave up on-line dating for Lent. I am obviously not into it at this point. I have no desire to be greeted by another drunk asshole, be asked to have my faced fucked or meet another guy who’s barely separated from his wife and living out of a suitcase. And while I have tons of optimistic friends, who are positive that they have the most amazing man-friends to connect me with there is really no rush for me to meet Mr. I-Make-Pottery-Cause-My-Therapist-Says-it-Tames-my-Rage. I am exhausted and my friends know it. *sigh*

I depend tons on my male friends, in fact my best friend is a Dude. Okay, yes I have female friends but the men seem to always dominate in the honesty and realistic advice. So, when Mr. C needed me last night it was a given that I would be there for him in spite of my exhaustion from the night before and the day of shopping with the Rachel. Mr. C has been around forever. He is the big brother I never had. So, for reasons obvious only to us we’ve had a lull in our communication and it has kind of sucked for both of us. But, last night patched the rift that we both knew was there for a silly reason. We are both stubborn. We are both bull-headed over-thinkers. And when we disagree on something it usually takes one or the other getting in the car and driving the mileage between her and Santa Barbara to resolve the issue.

Okay, so what was the issue? Mr. C was worrying about me. He was worried that I was falling away from the dreamer I genuinely have always been. Mr. C was feeling like I was becoming was too cynical and that I was never going to allow myself to meet someone who was actually awesome. And since we haven’t talked in a couple of weeks he had no idea that I had news…

….I had a date and it didn’t suck. (pause of shock and awe)

That’s right kids, Mama had a date and it was actually pretty damn awesome. How did this happen? How did this occur and I haven’t yet blogged about the date? Eck. I know, I know. Bad Mama. But there are certain things that for some reason I feel like I need to keep for me. It’s one of those things. You know, if I say it out loud then it might not happen. Like a few other gems I’m keeping just for me.

I know, now you’re all like, what Date? How did this happen? Where did we meet? WTF? It’s kind of a funny story, we sort of knew of each other but didn’t really know each other and then realized it thanks to one of those shitty on-line sites I so desperately despise. We share connections and it is kind of weird how you can revolve around and almost meet someone but never actually meet them until something odd like this happens. And so then we did on Friday and I did not immediately want to run back to my car and cry. I have to admit I was skeptical at first. No, seriously I was skeptical but excited for the chance to meet someone who hopefully had their shit together and wasn’t a total dipshit. There was no running and no crying and I was pleasantly surprised.

And the final analysis? I had a friggin’ blast. Seriously. The entire date was awesome. Am I gonna give you more than that? *sigh* What more do you people want from me?!?! Okay, so all I’m going to say is that I woke up on Saturday morning not doubting a damn thing. I will see him again. I like him. And, well I’m finding myself smiling every time I think about Friday night. There that’s it. That’s all you get for now.

All is good. Life is good. Happy Panda.


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