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At some point during the on-line dating saga a woman has to stop and ask the question is every guy out there just a little slow? Over the last few months that I’ve been on the OKC I have gotten a variety of emails from men. The variety has ranged from men who peak my curiosity to men who make me want to poke my eyes out with a dull pencils. The whole process is painful. Exhausting and really not the least bit as intriguing as it used to be. The Rachel and I have even used it for entertainment during break time in the Office.

I’ve thought of deleting the profile practically every time I log-in. Most recently, when I exchanged digits with a seemingly okay single Dad from the Valley who owned his own biz. He was kind of cute. We had several things in common and there was the single parent thing that brought us together, and I was very impressed by his taking on more time with his son so his Ex could go to school and finish her degree. For about a week or two we texted and talked on the phone. My Monkey-less weekend was approaching and it seemed obvious we would hang out at some point. Not bad at all. Until the text that made the world go quiet, well at least in my head anyway. During a very normie conversation about our plans for the weekend the following went down…

Me: What do you think we should plan to do?

Him: Something we will both enjoy…ideas?

Me: We could always meet at the beach and have lunch? Or something local, since you don’t have a ton of time between work stuff. What did you have in mind?

Him: Honestly? I would love to f*ck your face.

Me: *radio silence*

Here’s the thing. I’m not shy, right y’all get that one. I love sexy times. LOVE it. However, if a man I have never met and has no clue about what my boundaries are in real life takes a big giant leap over them before I even know him in any way shape or form, he will sadly never get to find out just how awesome the Mama truly can be. I’ve got standards folks. I’ve got a whole bucket running over with self-love and I know what I am worth. So, when this man crossed a line he wasn’t even aware existed I had to shut it down. The Date Nazi says, NO DATE FOR YOU! Blockity-block-block!

What makes me truly sad about this whole debacle? My faith is not stunted just shocked and a little bewildered by this man’s blatant disrespect of not just my face but me as a person. Once you get to know me in the reals, I am very open to suggestions for activities involving one-on-one time but that to me requires a certain amount of trust, okay a shit-ton of trust at this point. And the fact that none of our conversations prior to this had anything to do with sexy times makes me wonder how many men think this kind of approach is okay? And how did he not understand my lack of desire to meet him, at all? That I think is the kicker. He totes does not get it that this whole conversation took a turn for the unwelcome in my book and that’s it. Game Over.

Honestly, it has been weeks since the whole thing happened and it’s still a little jarring. However, I have successfully blocked him in all arenas and will no longer engage in any kind of explanation on what he did wrong. There have got to be better fish in the friggin’ sea than this one and for now I’m hopeful that someone awesome will just knock me off my feet in a good way. Until then, don’t mind me if I remain a little wary.



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