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There’s not a whole lot to share today…

Okay well there is something bugging me. Recently, a friend made an assumption about my having a liking from someone I indeed do not. With my good friends I am an open book. I heart sharing my life and getting perspectives from the people who heart me and vice versa. But when one of those people jumps to a conclusion about something that I would hope they would know better about it, it kills my spirit just a little bit. This man knows me. He’s been one of my besties for a bit now, and the assumption kinda put a damper on that friendship. Here’s why it bugs me. I am a Guy’s Girl. What on Jeebus’ Green Earth does that mean?

Since I was in Kindergarten I was surrounded by the boys. And not in a ‘wow she’s a hot five year old way’ but, I loved making mud pies and throwing down some basketball. I was a tom boy in frilly dresses and patent leather Mary Janes. I dug sports and getting dirty, and still do. Fact. Even as I grew older and obvious differences occurred physically, I still found being around the guys a better fit than having a gaggle of girl friends. It’s just my comfort zone. But, as I got older I have found a few kindred female friends who have shown me that a strong woman can indeed find like-minded women folk to befriend.

Today my best friends (who are not related to me) are two men and two women. Mr. C and Nomad know me better than anyone and the Rachel has emerged as the front-runner in female form. Probably cause we both think like men. I dunno. But, no matter what sex a friend is I have strict rules about respect and truth. I respect my friendships and live with truth. Period. Done. So, you see when someone who I think knows me jumps to conclusion about something, it makes me rethink how well they do know or if they have bothered to really know me at all.

It’s that whole saying that your grade school teacher used to throw at you…when you assume you make an ass of you and me. Okay well none of my teachers said ‘ass’ but one did teach us the history of flipping people off, so that was cool. I digress. I would never stoop to hurting a friend for my own happiness. I would never go behind a friend’s back to accomplish selfish goals. I would never lie to get something I wanted. I would never blatantly do something that I knew would hurt someone in front of them.

It’s just not who I am.

And even after all that, I’m just a little bummed about the whole thing still. It hurts. It pisses me off. It sucks. But, if someone is my friend that they will know me and know me so much that they would know better than to make a snap judgment and possibly hurt our friendship.

I’m an open book. Just ask me and you’ll see.


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