Freaky Friday: My favorite new feature.


As I searched the interwebs, I found a really cool post on The Stir to share with y’all today.

The have a feature over there called Ask Dad...and basically it’s a Q&A Advice-ish type of feature where women in fact ask writer Andrew Daltonquestions about love and sex and well his responses are fucking fantastic.

The question that caught my eye was….

I Had a Threesome with 2 Guys & My Boyfriend’s Pissed

My boyfriend asked me if I’d ever had a threesome. When I said ‘yes,’ he got excited. But then he learned that it was me and two guys. Now he stomps around the house like he’s learned I’m some secret slut. How do I convince him he’s wrong?

To read the full length response clickhere!!

Enjoy the article and with that I bid you Happy Freaky Friday and encourage everyone to get their freak on at some point this week.


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