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Frack, not AGAIN!


Do you know what it’s like to sit home on a Tuesday night and have way too much to think about? I do!!

Here I am chilling post 30-mile stationery bike ride, drinking Merlot and eating pistachios and what the hell is on my mind? A guy I have liking for is out on a date. Now I realize I am not the first girl to like a guy, nor am I the first girl to find out that the ship may have very well sailed thanks to apprehension and well lack of action. But what is odd about the whole thing for me is that I had the chance first back in November when he made first contact, and thanks to Mr. S I was incapable of making good on anything other than healing. After the obvious drift between Good Guy and I there was a peaking of interest as I cleaned out my email box last week. First I Facebook friended him and then the dawdling began. That’s right I figured I had time…I was wrong.

Here’s the thing of the thing. I am a huge proponent of jumping and taking action. I write about it all the time. I tell my friends to never waste time doing what they want and if they wait they might miss out. And here I am, my own cautionary tale of what not to do. Sit on your britches and you are likely to miss out on something, and now I’m regretting just that type of action.

What now for the Mama? Well, I’m going to finish the post about the dreams I’ve had about said man to date and hope that his date was just okay, and that he might just be curious enough to take the Mama out for a spin. A girl can dream can’t she? And trust me I will.

Nite friends and cheers!


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