Watch your step: Heart pieces on the ground.


My heart is broken. The pieces are everywhere. I knew this could happen, so no else is to blame but myself. I’m not sure how I feel today. I’m going through the motions. My head hurts from not sleeping. My chest hurts from all the sobbing. My soul is shaken but not defeated.

In my last post, I knew there was a chance this could end soon and maybe I didn’t out right say it. But I felt it in my bones andI knew it in my heart. It was just a matter of hearing it from Mr. S and getting confirmation. I’m not going to dredge back through all the details because they are mine. I might write about it in the future…but not today.

I jumped with hope in my heart and fell with confidence I was doing the right thing…this is love and I have no regrets. Well not today anyway.

Mama d.


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