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Happy Post-Halloween!

This is one of those posts about co-parenting that makes me kind of happy. You see the Bio and I had a milestone event this weekend as the parents of the Monkey. We shared Halloween and no real blood was shed. That’s right folks we hung out for more than the hour of scheduled monthly therapy and it was actually very awesome. I’m not going to crawl out on the ledge and scream from the rooftops that we’re fixed and all better as co-parents but huge steps in a good direction.

Halloween is a big deal for me. My Mom used to make this wicked cool costumes and it was so much fun to head out in the ‘hood (literally) and grab goodies during the dusky hours. Trick or Treating was something I looked forward to all year. Mostly cause it always seemed to come in conjunction with my Birthday Joy. It was awesome incarnate. Boo-yah!

So since the Monkey was a baby I’ve been trying to explain to the Bio that Halloween is landmark and not just because it’s an excuse for people to get dressed up and act crazy, but because historically it is one of those things that just empowers young one’s to be who they dream of being. For me it was always Snow White, unfortunately that dream of being the princess with Dude-on-White-Horse Syndrome died sometime in 1999…long story. At any rate, I just remember the build up to the event. It was like when they played Queen right before a High School Basketball game and everyone just pumped for the whole event. It rocked. And for the last four years I’ve been dying to give that to the Monkey at some point. So this year, in spite of the agreement to hang out for Halloween I was skeptical that it would work. After all the paperwork says it’s the Bio’s Halloween. It was his night to share with me. I didn’t pretend at any point that I would call the shots in any way shape or form. I just let it ride.

To get the Monkey thoroughly pumped for last nights events, I made sure he participated in every little thing that came up…stuff at pre-K, neighborhood stuff and anything that seemed like it would get him amped for the main event. And it worked.

Last night was a stellar success of the most insane proportions. We hit the mall which was a total bust for goodies. Then we all had dinner. And finished it off with neighborhood trick or treating with a co-worker of the Bio and their friends. Every second was great, and all because the Monkey owned the whole evening as his first and foremost hero…BATMAN!

I think the real victory in all this is that the kiddo enjoyed himself beyond belief and not a moment was spent on petty crap or finger pointing. Maybe we can finally co-parent as a team and leave our past behind, even if it is only for a few days out of the year when the Monkey really needs us to be grown-ups.

p.s. FB friends there’s a few pics up of the Monkey man in costume.


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