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I’m Thankful you’re gone…and you…and you…


With Thanksgiving coming up tomorrow, I keep reading really great posts on what people are Thankful to have going on in their lives and all can think about is what I’m truly Thankful to not have in my life. Does that make sense?

I think it’s mostly because I’ve had revelations about people and things that I thought I once wanted in my life and made good solid choices to avoid and remove those yucky entities. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve got tons to be thankful for and I’m sure you all know what I mean. But, it just seems like since I’ve done some housecleaning in my life and followed my gut about certain things that life has slowly developed a new shine that wasn’t there before.

I’m completely over trying to make people happy instead of myself. In the past, I found myself wanting to keep the peace and enjoy a calm, and by doing this I may have compromised a little of myself. You know, when you have a circle of friends and one of them is just a total douche? It makes sense at some point to just let it be. Don’t rock the boat. But, when you see that the person isn’t a real friend and adds no value to life in general then it makes no sense to keep them anywhere in life. In fact, I just unfollowed a bunch of people on Twitter that have no value to my life and the whole stream was just looking junky.

In keeping with the theme of healthy living and only surrounding myself with good JuJu, I am thankful for the fact that I’ve swept many of the Emo Co-D people out of my life. Isn’t it funny when people don’t realize that you aren’t supporting their agenda because they are so into themselves and their own handicapped relationship standards that they don’t bother to realize that you’re gone? Love it.

I’m glad on-line dating (Twitter included) is not a part of my dating life at this point! *fingers*crossed* So over the crappy stories and the stupid bullshit games. While I love to make sexy time with the men-folks, I also prefer to have someone be upfront and honest about what it is they are hoping to gain from pursuing me. And at this point, this past year looks like a total train wreck with a few exceptions. It sucks when you find out you were just a part of someones evil plan to score some tail…been there, done that, so high school.Let’s hope that my current do-over with Mr. S is my last hurrah.

I’ve redone my lifestyle and surround myself with healthy food and exercise, and am ubber thankful that my health is A-Ok and that after my last check-up no surgery is required on Mama’s Ovaries! Boo-yah to healthy living and keeping this body in motion. Thanks to everyone who sent me well wishes and stuff over those weeks and couple of months.

I’m thankful that there is a lull in the wicked Bio and that through our hard work we’ve found a common ground to this co-parenting journey. He’s trying and that helps me feel good about how hard I’ve tried this last few years to make it work in the Monkey’s favor. We’re a team and I’m super thankful that the past is taking its rightful place where it belongs, in the past.

Life is Good. Life Rocks. Life is Hard. Bring it. (the Mama’s new Mantra — feel free to steal it)

I know so many of my friends have done major life cleansing this year and I’m truly proud of those of you who have found the passion to restore awesomeness to your daily grinds! What are you thankful for no longer having in your life? What major changes have made this life just that much better?


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