Solo Trippery


My work life has been taking me up Northish a lot lately, and this time I got some time to explore the city and all the wicked awesomeness it has to offer. Usually I fall back on the usual Pub action which is comfy and familiar I wanted to find something in the heart of Frisco that would expose it for what it truly holds. Beauty. Quirk. Sass. History. Life.

As I made my way down the streets of Union Square, I decided I wanted to explore North Beach and area known for all it’s ethnic cuisine and well a few topless joints sprinkled here and there. Love it! I managed to get lost and make it all the way to the Wharf. And as I stood there for just a moment I realized there was a shit ton more Sailors than usual and that’s when it hit me. Fleet Week. Run Mama Run!! If you’ve ever seen Sex and the City then you know. Ya Know? Not only that but the crowds were in full force for the viewing of the Blue Angels and the various displays of American Awesomeness in the skies above. So I high-tailed it back to one of my favorite spots to watch the rest of the Giants Game (I know, I know…I’m a Yankees fan but I am not picky about my Men in Tight Pants) Plus, Vesuvio always offers a unique mix of patrons and great specials on booze. And as if that wasn’t enough some of my all time favorite writers spent hours on end there drinking, writing and drinking. It’s inspiring.

the People are a breed all their own…

And along the way I got caught up in the Columbus Day Parade that took over the whole area of North Beach. The streets were full of people, children and everyone was having an amazing time watching the floats, the cars and the beauty that is individuality.

While finishing my last glass of wine and trying to connecting with Nelly before crashing I connected with one of my favorite Tweeple @SxNSingleDadand he gave me some great leads on dining establishments to hit in the area.

Stay tuned for more on the rest of this solo trippery.


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