Forbidden Fruit Snacks.


What is the deal with Men and taken chicks? Huh? WHAT???

Honestly, since Mr. S and I have decided to see where this might go, I have deleted all dating profiles and even turned down a quickie or three with men from my history. It’s felt good to have options, but not at a time when I want to focus on being present and accounted for in this blooming new thing we are building.

But, what gets me is that for all the effort it seems the incentive is only increased when guys hear I’ve got someone in my life. All of sudden I’m this giant driving force that only attracts the men folk even more and without reason they attempt to gain my attention only to bash my current choice to take myself off the market for the time being. Oh yes, please tell me I’m foolish and silly for believing in Love and wanting to be in a functioning relationship. Nothing screams hotness like a guy putting a girl’s life choice down. Of course I’m being irrational and sleeping with you makes soooo much more sense than reserving that for the man I want in my life!! What was I thinking!?!?!

Clearly, I would have loved this attention a few weeks ago. Crap I even had plans to seduce most of Frisco this next time I am up there for the weekend but the only thing I really want is to have Mr. S near me for the weekend. Sadly, our schedules are in the midst of conflicting for the next week or two and I’m okay with that since all our plans were made way before we started this up again. At this point, it makes me wonder about this whole forbidden fruit thing. Obviously it’s real and daters are tempted, otherwise relationships wouldn’t be comprimised by infidelity. Right? But that’s a whole other game show.

My confusion lies in the whole desire to be the one who tempts a committed person to stray. What’s the point? You don’t really want a relationship with said person. It’s in my opionion a whole notch in one’s belt kind of action. There’s just tons of odd thoughts in my head about this topic. It seems like there is this whole race to the finish line. If I get her to bang me than she’ll see how lame her desire to be in a relationship with dude I don’t know really is and then we’re golden? Sadly, there is no golden goose at the end of that rainbow. Usually it’s more like pathetic confusion, angsty tears and whole lotta depression over the fact you blew your desired pairing on a one night stand with Fred from the Bar you frequent when you’re away on biz. Am I wrong? Now ladies I know we do this too. I’ve thought about it. I’ve seen objects of hotness and thought it would be fun to be that girl who he had to have.

Overall, I guess it just baffles this little mind. I’m not sure why I went from being a cutie pie that my dude buddies adored to being suddenly the object of desire that they’ve always had their eye on. Bleh it just makes me throw up in my mouth a little bit.

Thoughts? Anyone ever been that person? The temptress or the temptanator?


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