Mine has to be Bigger than Yours!


    Holy Jeebus. I have a wedding to go to this weekend. It’s for one of my sweetest and dearest friends from High School. She’s always been there for me when I needed someone and without fail she’s at every family event that I put together. Truly Missy G is a Rockstar Friend. And it’s sort of a bittersweet moment for her family…but, that’s a whole other Game Show. So, when I was having obligatory dinner with a buddy on mine and his lady of the moment on Monday it was brought up and became an interesting topic of convo.

    Mr. NO and his chic were both talking about lofty daydreams of getting married (not to each other…just married) and how the wedding day might go off. As I listened to them chatter about the whole process and how she’d pick something with a shit ton of beading and maybe get gloves to match the blah, blah, blah…I drifted of into a whole other thought process.

    What does the wedding have to do with the marriage? The way they were talking the more extravagant the wedding the more real the Love is that the marriage is therefore built upon. Well I call bullshit. I don’t see the wedding as have any kind of bearing on the actual foundation of a relationship. How can that possibly dictate whether two people are going to live happily every after? It cannot.It cannot possibly be the reason couples are more or less successful.

    Here’s my deal on the whole wedding thing. A wedding should be an interpretation of the two people who are pledging their undying love and devotion to each other. The ceremony should speak volumes about how the couple truly relates to each other…the vows, the music and all the little moments that are shared with those who are witness. It should be like a peak into the private love that two individuals share only between the two of them. Like those moments when you have a conversation about everything and nothing all at once and only the two of you really get it. That’s how I see it. In my head. In my heart.

    I don’t see how the dress I wear or any of the rest of that would dictate the happily ever after I would get to share with the man who finally decides he can put up with me.

    My sister’s wedding was really something ideal. Small outside ceremony. Perfect reception with close friends and family. It was really well suited to the couple of people who decided to throw caution to the wind and take a journey together. It made sense once it all came together and I was so proud to be a part of it.

    I want that…to be proud of the day, and to have all the people I adore in close proximity. The only truly sad part is that my Tio Claudio will not be there to marry me and the Dude who takes me on for life. That makes my heart heavy, and really is the one thing that would make the day perfection.

    I’ve got to admit I’m always a little anxious before going to weddings. I don’t get that giddy excitement most of my people get before attending a friend’s pairing off. I’m not angry either, not bitter or forlorn about the whole process. Just a little bit anxious. Mostly, I have to admit because Mr. S will be coming with me to the wedding and it’s only our second time seeing each other since we decided to give it a go. On top of that it’s an event that will most likely be attended by a few of our alumni pals from the good ole days of High School. Maybe that is for another blog post? Either way, it will be an interesting thing to see people and how they react to our own little pairing.

    I guess this is just one of those things people will always have different opinions on and there will always be brides who throw shit at people and brides who make weddings look easy peasy effortlessness. Every one has their path…right?

    At any rate, I’m looking forward to this weekend. I’m looking forward to my time with Mr. S and seeing a very good friend share her life with the man she loves deeply.


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