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Pardon my Dust


I’ve had something on my mind recently. Okay well I’m actually watching some movies and shit that have got me thinking about how relationships work and how miscommunication can either kill them or breed a bonding ground where a couple can learn and grow. But to be honest, how often does the latter happen? Usually there’s a ton of anger and fighting and tears but in my case usually on the man-child’s side. (What? You looking at me? Yeah, I thought not)

Let’s for a moment take at look at the ‘Ross and Rachel’ shall we? Okie dokie. Join me as we look at how this giant breach in communication can essentially ruin the lives of two people. For those of you young folks who are not of my people’s generation then here’s the low down…

They took a break. He banged the video store clerk. She never forgave him. Okay well not until he accidentally knocked her up and then they bonded (totes not realistic) and fell back in love.

How many of us have been guilty of doing just that? Taking the words of the one we love, so hurtful and torturous that we ran into the arms of someone else to prove our worth? Or several others? Or even just talked about it?


I’m cross right now over being blatantly lied to, so bare with me.

Alright so back to the whole lying/cheating debacle…if someone tells you that you’re on a break, does that in fact mean that you are broken up? Does that give one person or the other the right to then have relations with someone who is not the partner from said Break Time Relationship?

Personally, I think it’s a time of exploration and understanding because one or the other isn’t truly sure. Call it a ‘Trying on Phase’ before you decide to ‘Buy the Cow’…so, yeah I think that if it comes up (no pun intended) then it’s not a status killer. However, it can and will most likely cause inevitable relationship death. Am I wrong? You know I’m right. Most breaks occur because one or both people are curious about whether or not the are happy with their current partner and situation. If a breaks ends without turmoil, in my experience, it’s because two people really truly do care about one another and were just experiencing the usual growing pains that happen in most courtships. However, if there is that gut wrenching experience of explaining that it ‘was just this once’ or ‘it meant nothing and now I know I love you’ then odds are not in favor of rapid recovery.

There’s a lot that goes into the ‘Ross and Rachel’ Moments that we all feel in different places in our relationships. And how we handle those moments are what really defines us as people. Have I had some not so proud moments? Sure, I’m only human. But I’ve also seen how those moments effect those around me in my world, and it stings to think about now.

I would love to say pardon my dust at this point, I’m in the middle of some refurbishment work on my heart and my soul…but I guess that would be making excuses for who I am at this point in my life.


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