My heart feels clean…


I’ve had an interestingly killer weekend. And while I haven’t felt much like writing about anything and I will definitely post something up about the whys I wanna write right now about the most amazing phone call that got me thinking.

You see Nomad’s sister recently had a life changing experience. And for some reason, I played a huge part in helping her through dealing with the backlash that often our female race creates when we manifest these giant expectations over how we think something should be once it has happened.

Wait didn’t I write about this already? Eck.

A few weeks ago, I got involved with some Nomad Family business and became the Go-To Girl for advice. The funny thing is that I didn’t think my advice was all that great or amazing or life changing. But when I was her age, there was no one I felt like I could confide in when I became a woman. That’s right I was locked in some kind of strange if my Mom doesn’t know then it never happened. And yet, I was fueled by something different than this sweet young girl, who thought she was opening the door to her Happy Ending. What was I fueled by? I was a woman on a mission with some newly discovered power. But that is a whole other show…

Truly it is amazing when someone thanks you for sharing your life experience with them and how it has helped them get through a moment of weakness. Those moments when we are our most fragile and lack the sense of direction that we can only derive from learning via the growth that someone else has experienced. Life is tricky and funny, but not in a Laugh Out Loud way buta WTF kind of way.

I remember my first time. Unfortunately, it was not all hearts and puppy dogs. It was not fireworks fantastic. But it did manage to spark my interest and set my curiosity a blaze, and got me a proposal. Not my proudest moment. But unlike my sweet new little friend getting married and settling down was the last thing on my list of things to conquer. That’s right boys I said conquer. My heart disconnected from my female parts andI became something more than myself. It was awesome! I’m actually thinking about writing a book about my life from ages 18-25…but that again is a whole other show.

What was totally amazing about this experience helping Nomad’s sister was that it made me feel like I had done something wonderful with my the life experience.Something unorthodox and almost like selling your trade secrets. Like the girls in the club might revoke my membership. This life of mine has shown a girl that love doesn’t mean planning how it ends or feeling let down when it doesn’t go as planned, it’s about making steps with the one you love together and knowing that you can trust them no matter how scary or challenging things get. Love is unconditional. Life is not fair but if you choose a moment together than it’s exactly that…yours.

I dream about that today. A moment to share with someone who shares my life.

It’s sort of strange that my life choices have helped someone see that there is love in her life. That this man she chooses is there for her. I mean honestly, at her age the only thing I was really interested in was where my next kill would come from and not whether they’d take me down the aisle. It feels good. It feels redeeming. It feels like it was meant to be.

My heart feels clean.

So this got me to thinking what have you done lately to help an innocent?


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