Play Ball!!


The spell just might be broken…my dream mojo might be back.

Last night I had the privilege of having a dream that made me wake up with the need for breath catching. Honestly, I woke up at like 3am (2.5 hours after I passed out) and looked around my room for something. Something was missing. Someone had to have just been there, I was almost positive. And alas I was all by myself and I had plenty of time until sunrise to think about the dream. That’s right folks I stayed awake lying in my cozy bed all alone thinking about this dream. It was not as Adventure Erotic as the dreams of the past and not nearly as tame as the most recent, but there was something unique about it.

What you ask was so unique about this new dream? I’ve never met the subject. I’ve never seen his face and I don’t know if he’s real. Honest-to-goodness really existing in the world, or if he’s just a figment of this overactive imagination. I’ve always been good at creating fictional characters in my mind and letting them run wild, hence the passion for writing and the friggin’ degree in it. And yet there’s something different this time in my Mind Soul that is lingering today and keeping the curiosity pounding in the back of my noggin’. Is it the possibility of this Mister being real? Is it just that my fantasies are breaking back into the forefront? Maybe my inspiration was different than usual. How? Maybe it’s the mystery behind it. Maybe it was watching 61, for some reason that movie does something for me or maybe it’s hot guys in tight pants carrying long sticks. *sigh*

Either way, I’m totally inspired and intrigued and moved and sort of clawing at the chance to find something like what I felt in that dream. A mix of fictional fantasy and a reality that could be expanded upon with the right person. There was no unusual exotic location, no strange characters and no funky costumes to dry clean afterward. Just a real sense of desperation to be in this moment and make every second expand upon the next and the next until we were completely connected and totally dirty. For the record this dream didn’t feature a Home Run…wondering why that’s still a theme in my dreams. But since you all know what a huge cheerleader I am of the Making Out, I’m finding this dream a smidgen more than just satisfying.

Well now I bet you’re all curious to find out what the dream was about…right? All I have to say is…Batter up!

And with that I leave you with this songy song to Make Out to…


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