Independence days.


All over the the Inter-webs there is the whole notion floating around…what are you thankful being Independent from on this Fourth of July?

Most of my Single Parent friends have resoundingly agreed that they are all thankful for being Free of their Ex’s…really? Strangely enough I’m not Free from the Bio by any means, but I am Free of the relationship we once had that brought me down and made me a lose large chunks of my inner Me.

Am I thankful to be free of anything else?

Alright I will admit it there are a few things I’m glad to be absolutely Free from today…

  • The compelling need to fix anything that might happen in the lives of those around.
  • A sense of failure because I couldn’t make it work with the Bio.
  • Any kind of desire to date on-line at all. (thanks be to G*d)
  • The peripheral friends who served no purpose but to gossip and provide intel about the Bio’s new girlfriend. (I heart her as long as she takes care of mine and keeps the Bio content)
  • An urge to alienate myself from the real world when sans Monkey.
  • A deep feeling that the broken-ness I have in my soul would own me forever.

Fortunately, I’ve done a lot of healing over the last few years. I have found a way to channel those ridiculous notions and regain that strength that my own Mami showed me as a little girl. My heart and my soul have found the road back to the Faith I lost when I saw my world crumble because of my own selfishness and pride. There will never be a moment when I am Free of the Bio and that’s okay right now. What I am Free from at this point in my life are the walls I built up around me that prevented me from being Free.

Freedom is something I find in the littlest things that make my life more complete every day. I am blessed for the ability to enjoy those days with my son and my family, and it’s thanks to all the people in my Life who have fought for the right to those Freedoms.

Today is a good day.


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