Lengthy Matters?



Rachel and I had a great debate today. Now that we have a new office mate and the Hot German has moved down the hall, we get very little chatter time together. *sigh* This debate got heated and steamy and well it was about something I think every girl can relate to…Hair Length. (shocking topic)

We’ve all done it at some point or another. You know where I’m going with this, found out what Hair Option best suits the guy we adore and then gone that direction with hopes of pleasing his Man Senses. I’ve done it. Albeit it I was 24 Years of Age and Betty Paige bangs are super hot on me, but I have done it. Made a senseless choice for the affection of a Man-Child.

The great debate…do Men prefer….

What did we come up with? Well Rachel feels that Men just in general are pre-disposed to like Long Hair. Like it’s in their genetic coding or something. For example, the Monkey was kinda bummed that I’m cutting my hair at all. He loves my long-ish hair and told me he’d still ‘love me’ even if I cut my hair. Personally, I think as we get older it’s a matter of a person being attracted to someone and that hair doesn’t always play a role in the attraction factor. (keep in mind I am cutting my hairs tomorrow)

Whenever we disagree or need a man’s perspective we drag Mr. Awesome into the convo and the pics were actually selected based upon his Obsession with Madame Berry and because it made me laugh out loud when I was looking for pics and she came up for both without really trying.

Man’s Thoughts: (and I’m sure he’ll correct me if I get it wrong) As kids we’re taught girls have long hair and it’s a distinguishing factor so it plays a huge part in gender identity as we get older.However, it doesn’t necessarily mean that guys only like girls with Long Hair. If I got it right, it’s about what is complimentary and not about Long Hair being the only thing guys like.

Well then as it always does, it turned to the practicality of Long Hair during escapades of the nocturnal nature and of course being the creative and crafty Mama that I am I had to disagree that with the right pair of partners,hair length is not a deal breaker in the sack. And I think Mr. Awesome agreed. (hmm, interesting)

And this great debate continues into other realms…like size in other regions…but that’s a whole other Blog Post. *giggle* So Men out there and women…place your bets, will Mama get more actions sans the Long-ish Locks? And what’s your preference?


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