I’m furiously upset right now. In case you all hadn’t noticed I’m a blogger…oh and a Single Mom Dating Blogger by the way. I write about everything…my feelings in my heart, my head and my soul. I don’t hide from me here. It’s where I am the most realistic about who I want to be. Recently, I hid from you all and I’m sorry about that…it’s not like me to keep things from Me. You all are my family and my friends and you keep me in check when I most need it. I heart you for that.

So here it is…I went on two dates with someone…and apparently I blew it by blogging about another guy (Mr. Nomad to be precise). Two dates. I’m hurt and confused (and crying) because I didn’t think my post implied anything out of the ordinary for my writing. I like Mr. Nomad. What’s not to like? Okay, you don’t know him but he’s very nice and sweet and has the best intentions. However, I said in a previous post he wasn’t something I was interested in at this point in my life. Hence the nickname Nomad. Maybe I should have been more clear that I wasn’t planning on ‘dating’ him and just having coffee with him? Do I owe that to someone I’ve only been on two dates with and at this point I was still getting to know? Did I shoot myself in the foot by dating someone from the community who reads my blog?

I don’t know.

I love my blog. This is who I am and I’m not ashamed of that for any reason.

If you read my blog you know that I’m human. I have emotions and feelings and this is where I express them for the most part this is my Diary and I leave my daily rants here. I share the Me inside because I feel like in some small way it might help someone else going through what I’m experiencing.

I didn’t write about the dates because it felt like something breathing with a life of it’s own and it didn’t need the usual post-mortem to understand it. And now I’m sitting here holding the bag on something and not knowing what to do with what I feel about this whole situation.

My blog has been read by guys I’ve dated before and it’s never been an issue and if there was something in question they simply asked me before letting me have it. I’m not sorry for what I write. I am sorry if someone was impacted by it negatively.



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