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Nerd Alert: Mama’s a Truebie!

Nerd Alert!!!
Umm, yeah I am a nerdie nerd. I like comic books. I love cartoons from the 80’s. I adore Graphic Novels. Crap I even named my kid after a over the moon cool beans artist and inspiration to those find the creep of Graphic Novels HOT! But you still get to call him Monkey. (Haha!!). So with all that being said, I totally heart True Blood.

This past Wednesday I went to the Ultimate Truebie Experience. How it worked…HBO gave away tickets in various ways and I was lucky enough to tag along with one of my twitter friends.


We got to watch a Live Q&A from the set with some of the key players on the show.
Oh wait, those are just my favorites…there were these guys too…
And to be honest it was a lot of fun and I really enjoyed meeting all the people at the event and getting to replant my feet firmly in my geekdom! I think I might actually crash a Con at some point.
Okay, done…and back to the Single Mama stuff in the next post!


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