Kick me in the Butt!


Good evening, my lovelies.

Here’s the skinny….MK is MIA. So, no time to waste..moving on. At this point, even if he is reading this, I’m over it. There is only so much waiting a girl of my age and breeding is allowed to do.

Onward and Upward!

Kids we are on Day 8 of the Crush. That’s right it has lasted past a whole week!

Let’s stop and think about the events that occurred today. Umm, I spent all day holding my breath to see Mr. Crush. Yes, indeed I behaved like a silly girlie girl and thought about seeing him and when I was going to see him. Oh my gosh, I am beside myself. And of course because I needed an outlet for my lameness, Rachel is now aware of the Crushes identity. It’s kind of a relief to have someone else to share this with and all, considering my Gay BFF is up in Seattle and we never get to Girl Chat in person. Honestly, I want Mr. Crush to know I fancy him. I really do. However, I think there are a few things that I need to figure out first.

The How…how will I tell him? It would seem quite obvious to do it while we’re hanging out. Only we don’t really hang out. We chat, text and message but don’t really hang out. The occasional here and there but not like a regular thing or anything like that. So, now I need to get him out and about with me. A moment to decipher if the Crush is just a moment of weakness or if it’s something real. To be honest with everyone, I have a feeling it’s real. A dear friend of mine used to tell me he was awesome and that I was a ding-bat for not seeing it. So, now do I finally see it?

The When…? Big friggin’ question mark still. I don’t know when we’ll get to hang out. I’m not sure if I’d tell him while we were hanging out or wait until after. I don’t know what his reaction will be or if he’ll respond the way I hope he will. Either way I think I need to move on this one….before I chicken out. Argh.

It would be so much easier if someone could just tell me if he’s ever thought of me that way. In fact based on our conversations, I’m not even sure I’m remotely near his type. I mean seriously…? Welcome to the beginning of the over-thinking! Woo-friggin-hoo! This would be sooo much easier if he didn’t occasionally read my stupid blog! Then I could go over the whole thing here…ugh.

The Why…? He makes me smile. Not like he does anything specific to make me smile but, whenever we’re around each other he somehow manages to do it. I can tell him practically anything and I don’t ever feel judged or looked down on. He hears me no matter what the topic. There are times when all we do is vent about our situations and other times when we just kinda shoot the shit. We may not have tons in common but we have a few things that seem to connect us and that has grown my admiration for him as a person. He is awesome.

So there’s the basics…

Thoughts? Kick in the Butt advice?


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