Music to Make out to…2


I don’t do any special Blog themes…just what I’m feeling at any given moment. Back in March my sister and Bro-in Law and I trekked down to see Ozomatli at the House of Blues in Anaheim. Opening for them is always a pretty great variety of musical talents…Quetzal, Go! Betty Go!, Los Lonely Boys, Manic Hispanic…and many more I forget over my years of viewing them Live. This last show has left me all a flutter with appreciation for the opening act. A local Band from Ventura, Cali and I think I’d honestly make out with almost every band member…but especially the Dude on the friggin’ harp. Seriously, he makes the harp look ubber sexified. They are Rey Fresco!!

I couldn’t find much on You Tube with their music, but here’s one of my fav’s.


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