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Morphing Mama.


There’s something going on today. I’ve got another secret and it has to do with my health. It’s nothing life threatening. It’s not going to kill me but it’s going to make my life a bit uncomfortable for a bit. And to top it off I’ve been here and done it before. It’s making me cry at night but this month I can feel it creeping back and taking over my body. Maybe that’s why I let Kali prescribe a different workout for me versus the regular Shredding. I’m the only ‘healthy’ person in my family right now. My blood pressure is Normal and my Cholesterol is fine…but now this thing that eats at me for giant portions of my months and days. I know how it will end. I know what will need to be done. I know I will confide in friends as it’s necessary…as I start to deal with the implications of actually needing help when the time comes.

But for now it’s my secret…

There is something going on and I’m thinking very seriously about cutting my hair off. I’ve worked pretty consistently to fight the urge to do it but with the goings on of the past few weeks I feel like I need to shed a few locks to feel even again. Does it make sense? Not really to most people anyway, but it does to me. I’m like a caterpillar shedding the unwanted shields and moving onto something else. Morphing into a new version of the Monkey Mama.

I like this one…



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