Wicked Weekend


The Monkey Mama had a great weekend.

Yesterday was the first time in about six months since my Mom has joined the Monkey and I for a jaunt down to the Magic Kingdom. And it was awesome! The Monkey had an amazing time showing Grandma around like she’d never been there and we managed to hit everything we could in record time. For me this meant more than just a trip to Mickey’s House. This marked the next phase in my Mom being back in the saddle. For the last almost two months, she’s been watching the Monkey again during the week when he’s not in school and even watched him a few times for me when the Rock Star Babysitter isn’t available. That was phase one for me and now that we’ve got the Mouse House conquered the only thing we have left is for my Mom to maintain without a regrowth of that pesky tumor. So, I suppose phase three is just living life. Life for tomorrow and beyond…umm, that sounded a little Mr. Lightyear…sorry. But this Mama just can’t help but be so proud of my Mami.

Today the Monkey and I slept into the beautiful hour of 7.21am! Woohoo! After a quick bowl of Coco Puffs and Cheerios we hopped on the Monkey’s Spiderman Bike and rode to the park…okay I chased him down the road and over the bridge and all the way to the park. It was the first time that the Monkey has taken his bike out of our little neighborhood. It was a triumphant moment for both of us in a way. I’m trying to make sure he has all those little moments that he should. I don’t know what his time with the Bio is like but I know in my heart that it’s my job to follow up and follow through on whatever the Monkey needs. It’s those little moments of joy and pride that make a kids day and future days to come. Damn it I remember those moments when I was a kid…the time I got my first bike, the first ride around the cul-de-sac and all those moments that I shared with my parents that came after because of those firsts.

I love being Mama…it’s who I am. It’s what gives me Faith for the future. It’s why I think everything will be just fine…

And as for the rest of the weekend…while it was beautiful, it was not without drama. I did get stung by a Bee while standing in line for Autopia. To my own credit I did not panic and run screaming as I desperately wanted to and instead I stood very calm and yanked that shitty stinger out of my neck! Take that a-hole Bee! Ha!

And yet again, Mr. S showed his ugly face again to try to suck me back into his little game. Just for the record I didn’t bother to get sucked in and I let it go.

Oh and the hair is coming off on Thursday…stayed tuned for pics.


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