Kiss Me Idiot


I’m falling into this pit of endless daydreams and night dreams about something ominous. See here’s the thing I’ve got this song in my head. I heard it on Pandora a few weeks ago and then I heard it on the True Blood Soundtrack Volume 2. This song is haunting me and creating images in my head that can’t be helped. (closet the naughty thoughts dirty birds!!)

The artist you ask…? Lucinda Williams with Elvis Costello. The song…? Kiss Like Your Kiss

I’m a huge proponent of making out and all that leads up to that moment…it’s like a dance that is unique to just those two people in that moment. It breaths a different kind of life into each person and can make a person feel like the world has stopped in its tracks. Nothing else is happening at that moment. Not a damn thing. Just two people staged in a moment of pure bliss…

In my head I can see it all when this song plays…in my chest I can feel the urgency and the immediate panic that sets in with the anticipation of the moments to come…the way hands touch for those first moments…fingers mingling, intertwined…fingertips on my face, memorizing the details…caressing arms…touching….searching…the moments fill with blurry images…everything about it is perfection…the kiss…the touch…the feeling of endless discovery…those moments when breathing feels like it ceases…heart pounding out any other noise…whispers…I really can feel it all when this song is playing.

It’s been a very long time since I had the actual feelings that this song emits in my brain…but I can feel it and I’m dying to make it real.


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