Dream Nightlife?


I guess since I have no on-line dating to write about this will have to do…

Alright friends, so when I dream it’s never that mellow dream-a-little-dream-stuff. It’s usually pretty vivid and the stuff that would make the most experienced Ladies of the Evening blush. It’s always been that way, you know since I first discovered, well Me. I was always very curious but grew up in a home that sorta hid sexuality under the covers…no pun intended…but my imagination has always been in High Gear. Well friends you can imagine my surprise when my most recent dreams of late have been more well I hate to say it, Tame. *shudders* That’s right, I’ve gone from waking up breathless on Dream Night to waking up…? What’s the best word? How should I put this? I don’t even know. Giddy is not right and neither is hot and bothered…okay, well wait maybe a little of both…but it’s odd. I mean seriously, I am a girl who has some pretty exotic fantasies and so I find it odd that what is keeping me cozy in the twilight hours is nothing remotely close to the Saucy I’m used to almost nightly. But I guess that means something, right? But what it means, I dunno!

Does it mean I’m settling down in my own head? Moving away from the adventurous amorous side of me that has ruled supreme…it’s sooo weird. Is my Dream Night libido trying to tell me something? Honestly, I’m not disappointed, which I think is more of what disturbs me more. Not like shaken to my core disturbed but you know, it’s a little bizarre. Not that the line of men outside my door is getting any longer, but what does this Dream life mean for my Real Life?

I’m still deciding if I need to analyze one of these dreams in the bloggey…it would be nothing that would need any ‘adult’ warning before viewing or anything. The old ones…for sure but this new stuff…not so much.

So for now I ponder…what does this new Dream Night path mean???


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